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    Saturday, September 8, 2012

    Time files... Only recently realized that is my last Saturday duty at Tampines branch with my favorite CRO, Peizi and i will be posted back to Holland Village for the rest of my Saturday duty :( definitely will miss the 2 best CROs there.

    WELCOME JOYCE back after staying a month at Korea!
    Brunch at East Ocean with the BIRDIES ! :D

    Short meetup but never fail to camwhore after such a long time.

    Later that night, dinner @ chongqing restaurant and Peiyun's farewell party at Winebar.

    Supposedly a farewell party for Peiyun's but it somehow turns out to a matchmaking session for me with a random guy. tsktsk.. 

    I hate vodka, but this taste exceptionally good ! My Top Drink!

    My second top - Sour Plum shots!

     Last group shot before we ... explode.

    Hugs and cries and goodbyes ... :(

    Tiffany Ring, a farewell gift from the HV family for our BEST SRM who was being promoted to other branches. seriously don't wish/don't want/hate to see her leave :(((


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    Friday, August 31, 2012

    Movie date with the girls ! :)

    Dessert at Raindrop before Step Up Revolution !

    I definitely can't paint my nails colors on the right unless i quit my job.

    Supper at the new 126 branch at Boon Keng ! :)


    Rainee the motivator, brought us for Fitness First trail. went for bodycombat class and a swim at Fusionopolis branch. the place seems great and without much consideration, both Desiree and I signed up!

    They are my motivators, my gym-mates :D Let's JIAYOU ! FIGHTING !

    Our first meal dinner time at 2 Chef ! :)

    Very good food ! I swear i will visit there again ! 
    Thanks Desiree for such a good recommendation!


    MANDOK BBQ with the Monsterz ! 
    The first best Korean BBQ i had in Singapore but i still prefer Jangwon BBQ in JB :)

    Finally i found the VERY GOOD MELONA ice-cream in a Korean mart beside the restaurant ! I'm so gonna have ice-cream everyday when i'm in korea! :D 

    Shot 1 - SMILE !

    Shot 2 - GUI LIAN

    Shot 3 - ANYHOW !

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